Name Call License ARRL Member Member Type Volunteer Examiner Member Since
Aiken, Chris KN4FNI General 2021 FM   2020
Barr, Edgar KB2KHR Technician no IM   2019
Benfield, Robert KM4QAC General no IM   2016
Blumenstein, Dick K0CAT Extra 1/31/2021 IM ARRL-E 2016
Bradshaw, James N4NIN Extra 6/30/2020 C-FM ARRL-E 1986
Bradshaw, Susan N4OJN Technician 6/30/2020 C-FM   1986
Breau, Paul WA2ZCM General yes IM   2020
Bumgarner, Marty KM4IOU Technician no IM   2015
Cook, Brad W4SCT General 2/28/2021 IM   2020
Copenhaver, Howard, Jr K4AEH Advanced yes- Life LM   2019
Crowe, John M AG4ZL Extra No FM Yes-E 2020
Crowe, Angel N8VRS Technician No FM   2020
Crowell, Ed W5TWR Extra 3/1/2020 IM Yes-E 2017
Edwards, Josh N4JDE Technician no IM   2014
Fultz, Stephen N/A   no AM   2019
Greer, Tanner KK4SZI General 1/31/2020 IM   2013
Gordon Jr., A. Frank KN4ACU General 5/31/2020 LM ARRL-G 2017
Harris, Joshua KO4JDH Technician 3/1/2021 IM   2020
Harrison, Brian KN4R Extra 8/31/2020 HD   2019
Hobbs, Nathaniel KN4LTH General no IM   2020
Hollar, Mickey KN4GDZ Technician no IM   2018
Hunt, Scott K4SEH Extra yes LM ARRL-E 2019
Kanode, Irv W4IWK General 6/30/2020 IM   2012
King, William E. "Will" WB4Y Extra no IM   2020
Land, Tom KA4HKK Extra yes C-IM   1986
Livingston, Scott KC4SWL General   IM   1991
Maddox, Roberta "Ro" K4HRM General 5/31/2023 IM ARRL-G 2011
Manuel, Ted KF4FLY Technician   LM   2012
Marley, Joel, Jr W4BTW General 5/31/2020 IM   2019
Mast, Mitchell KN4AYD Technician no FM   2018
Mast, Lisa KN4AYE Extra no FM   2018
McDaniel, Francis M "Buck" N4PGW Extra no FM   2020
McDaniel, Kathy WB4CAT General no FM   2020
Presnell, Wes KN4JTC General no IM   2018
Schwartz, Gary K3OS Extra yes IM ARRL/WPARC-E 2015
Southerland, Todd KI4FVO General 5/31/2020 IM   2018
Suddreth, Michelle KD4YTU Extra yes - LIFE IM ARRL/WPARC-E 1993
Taylor, Tom, Col KC4QPR Extra yes IM WPARC-E 2019
Tickle, Jeffrey KM4AYW Technician 4/30/2023 FM   2019
Tickle, Laura N/A   no FM   2019
Wilcox, Daniel KB4DKW Technician yes IM   2019


Club members can usually be found on the following frequencies: 

  • 146.625 -94.8 Club Repeater (N4LNR)
  • 147.330 +141.3 Hibriten Mountain Repeater (KG4BCC)
  • 145.535  Simplex
  • 29.6  Simplex FM
  • 28.374  Simplex USB
  • National Hurricane Net (Day: 14.325, Night 7.268), continuous during active hurricanes


Frequencies (RadioReference)


Amateur Radio Frequencies maintains an awesome list of amateur radio frequencies. On the last check, there were over 550 repeaters in North Carolina alone. Visit our area’s page here. You can search by band, digital mode, frequency, location, etc. A really valuable resource.


LARC sponsors two weekly nets:

  • LARC net - Tuesday's at 7:00 pm, N4LNR Club Repeater,146.625- PL 94.8
  • Caldwell Amateur Radio Emergency Service (CARES) Net, Sunday's at 9:00 pm, KG4BCC  repeater, 147.330+ PL 141.3

What is a net?

A “Net” is simply a group of ham radio operators who get together on the air, at a regular, scheduled time and frequency. Nets are sort of like meetings that take place on the radio. They can be formal, with agendas and specific procedures to be followed (traffic nets and public service nets for example), or they can be informal like many local area nets where hams just get together to talk -frequently called Rag Chew Nets.

There are also special interest nets for such topics as specific brands of radios or specific facets of radio (like trader nets or short wave listeners nets). These nets may be formal or informal. Most nets have a Net Control Station (NCS) who directs the net, meaning that the NCS keeps track of the participants who “Check-In” and lets them know when it is their turn to speak.

These nets are open and all radio amateurs are welcome to check in.

North Carolina HF NETS

NC ARRL NTS Nets – part of the ARRL National Traffic System (NTS):

  • NC Morning Net (the morning phone net) – daily at 7:45 am on 3.927MHz
  • NC Evening Net (the evening phone net) – nightly at 6:30 pm on 3.923MHz
  • Carolinas Net (early CW net) – nightly at 7:00 pm on 3.573MHz
  • Carolinas Slow Net (slow CW net)- nightly at 8:00 pm on 3.571MHz
  • Carolinas Net (late CW net) – nightly at 10:00 pm on 3.573MHz

Other North Carolina HF nets:

  • Tar Heel Emergency Net – nightly at 7:30 p.m. on 3.923MHz
  • QCWA Net – weekly on Saturday morning at 8:45 a.m. on 3.826MHz, The Quarter Century Wireless Association weekly get together.

The Lenoir Amateur Radio Club Constitution and By-Laws were originally ratified in April 1986.  The current version was ratified June 10, 2010 and amended Oct. 11, 2018.  The Club was certified as a nonprofit corporation by the North Carolina Secretary of State on March 26, 2008. The Club was granted tax exempt status from Federal income tax by the Internal Revenue Service on September 23, 2009.


Club Officers

  • President - Mitch Mast, KN4AYD, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Vice President - Scott Hunt, K4SEH, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Treasurer - Roberta Maddox, K4HRM, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Secretary - Jeff Tickle, KM4AYW, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

LARC meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at Gamewell Volunteer Fire Department, located at 2806 Morganton Blvd, Lenoir, NC 28645.

Meetings follow this general format:

  • Meet and greet with club officers - 6:30
  • Program - 7:00
  • Break for Rag Chewing
  • Business Meeting conducted with the guidance of Robert’s Rules of Order 

Meetings include an informative program that covers some aspect of the many modes and uses of amateur radio followed by a social break for some rag chewing. After the break, club officers conduct a business meeting with the guidance of Robert’s Rules of Order. An optional meet and greet session starts at 6:30 p.m. with officers present.  

LARC sometimes holds an Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) meeting after the normal club meeting to discuss the latest news in and around emergency services as it ties to amateur radio. Check the calendar to see if a club meeting will include an ARES/AUXCOMM meeting.


Next Meeting

Club Meeting
13 Aug 2020;
07:00PM -


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